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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

How to Better Plan Your Blog Content Ideas – Blogging Content Planner

What happened the last time you sat down at your computer to write a blog post? Did it come easily to you, with the words flowing effortlessly through your fingertips? Or did you stare at the screen for several minutes with your blood pressure rising, not knowing where to begin?Oh-Tilly-Styled-Stock-Photography-Subscription-Portfolio-018c
You’re not alone. Writing isn’t everyone’s strength and the stress of writing a blog post is compounded when you don’t know what to write about or don’t know what your audience needs to hear about. I’m also guessing that you spend so much time with your clients – giving them the support they need – that you don’t have time for the backend of your business. Am I right?

Use Your Blog as a Client Magnet

Every coach needs a place to showcase their expertise and develop their credibility so think of your blog as your portfolio of sorts, where potential clients will go to read more about your thoughts, beliefs, and your coaching style.
Secondly, as your client magnet, you always want to be enticing new and current clients with your offerings because, let’s face it, we can’t ever predict when a client (or two!) will end their services and if you aren’t engaging people on a regular basis by supplying new content to them, you’ll be starting from square one trying to find new clients. Talk about stressful!
Thirdly, by monetizing your blog posts, you can earn some passive income to supplement your coaching business. Using affiliate links for recommending your favorite books or business tools will yield you a small monthly commission and if you have your own products, you can sell those, too.
However, updating your blog regularly with new, unique, and valuable information for your audience is where many coaches run into problems.

What to Share on Your Blog

Think about your ideal client and their pain points. What are their biggest struggles or fears? What questions do you hear on a daily or weekly basis from your social media followers? Do you have an extraordinary case study in which a client reached certain milestones in a unique way?
These are all topics that you can easily share in a blog post. Some more detailed subjects you can turn into a series of blog posts or, to mix it up a bit for your readers, you can record some videos on these topics and post them on your blog. Using video is an easy way to connect with your target audience and allows them to put a face and voice with a name.
Now that you have lots of great ideas, you need to get them organized.

Blog Post Planner

Unless you’re a prolific writer who oozes creativity and can punch out a blog post in 15 minutes flat, planning your blog posts takes some time and organization. With our Blog Post Planner you can take one hour out of your day and plan months of blog posts. Spend one more hour to decide what products you’ll promote in each blog post and you’ll attract clients and earn some passive income all at once.
Using our Blog Post Planner also allows you to coordinate your blog post themes with seasonal events or holidays, live conference events, local book signings, or your latest product launch. You don’t have any more excuses for forgetting significant events or putting out a less-than-stellar blog post because you were in a hurry. Click Here to Buy!

Use Our Content Planner to Create a List Building Freebie, Mini Digital Product, or Create a Training Library for Your Members and Clients

We know you’re busy running your business and having a life, so we’ve made it easy for you to grow your list, develop mini low-cost products, and create a training library for your members and clients (free or paid).
Each Blog Content You Create is an opportunity to brand, customize your passions, and develop your coaching practice.  This planner includes exercises,  where you can build your content around giveaways and packages for your clients/customers/members.
Imagine How Fast Your Business Would Grow if You…
  • Use our content to develop a free gift that you can give away to grow your mailing list and get new clients
  • Create a mini, low-cost product by recording a video or webinar training and then include it with the workbook and checklist, and sell it to your clients
  • Boost the value of your monthly group coaching program by creating a training library for your members and clients
  • Set up a lead page giving away free content and packages your create, and promote your lead page through Facebook ads to grow your mailing list
Ready to save a ton of time + money and grow your business?   
French Macarons

Here is What You Get with the “Blog Content Planner”:

You’ll get a step-by-step planner you can create, brainstorm, plan, and manage your content ideas, and free up time and add in a bonus to your existing coaching programs.
No more writing content from scratch or paying a ghostwriter hundreds or even thousands of dollars to help you develop your training content.
We’ve done all the hard work for you, and we’ve made it super affordable so it’s easy on the wallet. Now all you have to do is use it!
The Step-by-Step Planner Covers (19 PAGES):
  • Step 1: Choose Your Favorite Types of Content
    • Exercise: Brainstorm Your Guest Expert List
    • Exercise: Brainstorm Six Theme Ideas
  • Step 2: Create a Consistency Plan
    • Exercise: Map Out Your Content Creation Schedule
  • Step 3: Become a SEO Pro
    • Exercise: List 5 Categories for Your Blog
    • Exercise: List 5 Keywords for Your Blog
    • Exercise: List 5 Tags for Your Blog
  • Step 4: Brain Dump Your Ideas and Topics
    • Exercise: Create 10 Blog Titles with Matching Themes
  • Step 5: Write Strategically for Better Results
    • Exercise: Create 15 Call to Actions
  • Step 6: Repurpose Your Content
    • Exercise: Plan to Repurpose Your Content
  • Step 7: Don’t Guess. Fill-in-the-Blank Monthly Planner
    • Exercise: Plan Your Month by Filling in the Blanks
Your clients will LOVE having this planner they can download or print off.

Oh Tilly Styled-Stock Photography-Subscription
3 Free Professional Styled Stock Photos Per Month

–This site contains some graphics that contain affiliate links.
Interested in adding affiliate marketing to your website or blog, it is a great way to monetize your blog, and received sponsors for your passions and content. ShareaSale is an Affiliate Resource where you can select from multiple companies to represent your brand blogging ideas.
Web services providers are available to host your blog, so you can own your blogging content. Branding and having your a great web service provider is a great way to build tools around your blogging content. With Flywheel they are offering 1 Month Free Web Hosting, for WordPress.
All Coaches need a dedicated number for their Coaching Business to support their Coaching Clients. A great Cloud Phone System, will give you a dedicated business number for blog support, coaching calls, and new client discovery calls.  Here is a Coaching Client Kit full of Forms to manage your Coaching Clients, and New Client Service.
Most importantly, where ever you are in your Blogging, or in your Coaching Practice, planning your content is a great way to mange time, money, resources, and to get a clear picture of the ideas, packages, and offers you want to create.

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