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Sunday, December 3, 2017


At Brainiac Bundles, we want to strike the right balance between providing you with value, without overwhelming you. So, we’ve put together this getting started guide to walk you through the contents of your bundle. Whether you are just starting out or are looking to massively expand your community or put your list-building efforts on autopilot, this bundle is for you! As an Entrepreneur I am happy to have the opportunity to be a contributor to Brainiac Bundles' Grow Your Email List Bundle, Blogging and Business Coaching, is a coaching, training, and teaching practice, dedicated to bloggers, business owners and entrepreneurs, the Quiz Planner and Sales Funnel planner featured in this Bundle will show you how to nurture your community with fun quizzes and create money making offers.  


2. Getting started? Check out this video course. Whether you are just starting out (or want to learn some new tricks), Ely Shemer is going to walk you through the process of: • Starting your email list • Tips and tools for growing your email list • Coming up with the perfect offer [This software comes with the rights to re-brand, give it away to build YOUR list, AND earn commissions! Check your manual for details.]

3. Need some confidence in growing your community? If so, check out “BE YOUR CAUSE” by confidence and visibility coach, Melissa Charity Waldron. This Ebook will give you the confidence boost you need to get out of your own way and start doing the important work you need to make a big difference in this world! (while making a great living)

4. Want more advanced techniques for digital marketing? Learn all about sales funnels and Facebook ads with the Mastering Digital Marketing video course. Digital Marketer & Business Coach, Heather Christian will give you the complete run-down from mindset to onboarding new clients with ease!

5. Want to start or grow your community by the thousands? Consider planning and hosting your own Telesummit! Leverage the clout, expertise, (and mailing lists) of the influencers you interview and watch the subscribers come pouring in.

 6. Want more organic traffic that doesn’t cost you anything? Check out the 21 Guidelines for engaging in Facebook Groups (from presence to profit).


Now that you’ve got the run-down on starting and growing an email list, you want to provide valuable content to your community on the regular basis. The next items in the Grow Your Email List Bundle will help you do exactly that.

7. Want to learn how to turn subscribers into sales? Check out the Sales Funnel Planner by Blogging & Business Coach, Cynthia Crosby, which will walk you through the steps of nurturing your community and making offers.

8. Want to engage your audience and get targeted leads? Consider creating a quiz to grow your list and your income. Engage your target audience in a playful way by adding a quiz to your funnel.

9. The secret to an engaged list? Consistency is key when it comes to nurturing your subscribers and engaging your community. Use the weekly newsletter planner to set yourself up for success!

10. Tired of staring at a blank screen? Discover how done-for-you content (i.e., PLR- private label rights) by Piggy Makes Bank can help make content creation a snap! Use your $37.00 gift certificate to pick out your own done-for-you content or join their membership program. There’s even a 50% coupon code for future purchases!

11. Ready to use your new content and put list-building on autopilot? Check out the 21 Guidelines for Facebook Ads to feed your funnel without breaking the bank. Tap into the 2.7 billion Facebook users worldwide!


12.a Ready to come up with a plan for your content? Check out the 120-Day Content Planner by Public Relations & Marketing Expert, Ashley Love. Rather than come up with content for your business at the drop of a hat, plan out an entire quarter’s worth of content in 30- minutes!

12.b Tired of staring at a computer screen all day? Cut the cord and create your own mobile lead generation system with this handy guide by Digital Consultant & Trainer, Matt Redbeard Roe. Using a few tools and your mobile phone, you’ll be Be living the “pocket lifestyle” in no time.

13. Tired of doing #allthethings on social media? Check out the Social Marketing app contributed by Digital Strategist, Barb Dion McGrath! Schedule your social media and post to all channels- all in one place! You receive 1 month free with your Bundles purchase!

14. Want to 10x your efforts and leverage your time? Check out the guidelines for profitable joint-venture Partnerships. Leverage the clout, expertise, and audience of influencers to become an instant industry leader!


15. Want to attract your next client? (for free) Check out the 21 Guidelines for Instagram Marketing for clients and sales. With over 400 Million active users worldwide per month, this is one free traffic source you don’t want to miss!

16. Want to turn every visitor into a subscriber? Check out the 21 Guidelines for blog posts that Convert to turn those visitors into subscribers (and Then subscribers into sales).

17. Want to generate more free traffic (with less competition?) Check out the 21 Guidelines to get more traffic Using Pinterest! This visual search engine is one of the most untapped resources on the internet. [And for you men out there who think Pinterest is only for recipes and yoga poses? Men are quickly becoming a new target demographic for Pinterest marketing.]

18. Want to increase your open rates? Check out the 99 Headline templates and learn why they work in Headline Hacks Explained.

19. Want the shortened version? Print out the Headline Hacks cheat sheet for 99 Headline templates to increase open rates. We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed this bundle! Here’s to a profitable 2018 with a thriving community and steady stream of subscribers (and sales)!

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THE  GROW YOUR EMAIL LIST BUNDLE  GETTING STARTED GUIDE  At Brainiac Bundles, we want to strike the right balance between providing you w...